Boarding Team

The Houseparents - Mr Dewhirst (Head of Boarding) and Mrs Dewhirst

Mr and Mrs Dewhirst are the Houseparents and live in the main mansion building.

Assistant House Master - Mr A Kirk

Mr Kirk is the Assistant Housemaster. In the day, he is Head of Outdoor Learning.

House Tutors

Each night one house tutor (a senior member of academic staff) is on the boarding floor, supporting children in both emotional and academic matters.

  • Mrs Bailey (Form Tutors 7s)
  • Mr Macpherson (Deputy Head, Pastoral)
  • Mr Manley (Head of Junior School)
  • Mrs Mitchell (Deputy Head Academic)
  • Ms Swain (Head of Classics)
  • Miss Walters (Head of Drama and teaches English and History)
  • Mr Wright (Head of Modern Foreign Languages)


Miss Grace is our School Nurse. 


At Swanbourne House we are very lucky to have great gap students from all around the world who will help to entertain your children in the evenings, hear them read and be another port of call in our wide range of enthusiastic boarding staff.