Inspection Reports

The school aims to find and recognise individual talents, to provide a broad education and to stimulate a lifelong love of learning amongst its pupils. It also aims, through its academic and boarding structure, to foster positive relationships and offer a wide range to activities and so prepare pupils for their future lives. We are proud to share with you the independent inspection reports below which document and evidence how the school meets these objectives.

ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection - April 2016

ISI Inspection Report- May 2013

Pupils receive a high-quality curriculum that covers all the required aspects of learning and enables pupils of all ages to reach their full potential through acquiring appropriate knowledge and skills... Excellent teaching with a rich variety of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities enhances learning resulting in challenging, enjoyable and interesting lessons... Pupils have an extremely high standard of personal development by the time they leave the school and they are very well prepared for the next stage of their education. The pupils’ self-awareness and spirituality are excellent; they are courteous, extremely well-mannered and respectful of others.

Reporting Inspector, ISI

Ofsted Boarding Inspection Report - May 2011

"The quality of caring relationships is excellent", "The house parents' approach is clearly successful and massively appreciated by the pupils in boarding."

Reporting Inspector, Ofsted