Spiritual Life and the Chapel

The life of Swanbourne House is set within the context of a Christian ethos; families of all faiths are welcomed within the school but we will express the expectations that we have for the life of the school community in Christian terms.

We gather for worship in the Chapel, which is able to accommodate the whole Prep or Pre-Prep, and in St Swithun's, the local parish church. The boarders join the local community on a regular basis each term, while the school leads services for Advent and Christingle at the parish church and in some years welcomes the village to the School Chapel for Remembrance. Each year we prepare children for confirmation and the Confirmation Service is shared with the local parish.

Throughout the year we hold services at the start and end of terms for the Prep and Pre-Prep. Visiting speakers include Headmasters, Housemaster and Chaplains from public schools, and local clergy.

Week by week the Prep children gather in Chapel while the Pre-Prep hold their assemblies in their own buildings. The Pre-Prep children make use of the Chapel on special occasions. Enthusiastic congregational singing and the unity of the school as we join in prayer are at the heart of school life.