House Arts Week

Thank you and congratulations to all the children who have participated in House Arts week this week. Every child from the 7s through to the Top Year has been involved in some capacity and it has been lovely to see so many of them embrace the competitions with such enthusiasm.

Thank you to the house staff who helped the children prepare and also to Andy Holloway, James Lark and Joss Sanders from Westminster Abbey, Berkhamsted, and Bedford schools for acting as our judges.

Performing in front of the prep school as well as many staff and parents can be a very daunting experience and the children all did so well. Many performed in several of the competitions over the last week and, whether 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th, we are extremely proud of them all.

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear to a selection of House Arts Week performances:
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Monologue Competition Winners

1st  Isabel N (S-P) and Charlotte B (E)
2nd  Gabriel R (C) and Arjun K (C)
3rd  Charlotte M (J) and Evie P (J)
4th  Scarlett B (E) and Amélie C-N (S-P)

Art Competition

Joint Winners  Jolyon T (C) and Lizzie B (C)
Highly Commended Rafi W (S-P), Serge W (C) and Albert B (S-P)

Dance Competition Overall Results

Junior and Senior competitions combined
1st  Evans (Senior Dance Choreography by Iona K and Rosie U)
2nd  Cottesloe
3rd  Stanley-Price
4th  Jameson

Individual Music Competition

1st  Sara G (E), Bea C-J (J) and Charlotte B (E)
2nd  Gemma S (J), Gauri L (J) and Eloise W (C)
3rd  Max T (S-P), Eva M (S-P) and Isobel C (E)
4th  Elizabeth A-M (C), Scarlett B (E) and Amélie C- N (S-P)
5th  Joshua W (C) and Ruby N (S-P)
6th  Christiana-Rose O (C) and Evie P (J)

Ensemble Music Competition

1st  Charlotte B and Connie B (E)
2nd  Charlotte M and Bea C-J (J)
3rd  Ruby N, Amélie C-N and Inaya J (S-P)
4th  Eloise W and Isabella F (C)

House Singing

1st Jameson
2nd Evans
3rd  Cottesloe
4th  Stanley-Price




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