Swanbourne House School, Buckinghamshire, HeadIt is a huge pleasure and privilege to welcome children from the age of 4 to Swanbourne House to commence, and thoroughly enjoy, what is arguably the most important 10 years of their lives.

These formative years are when bright and inquisitive young minds learn how to think, how to make good use of their emerging and developing skills, how to behave towards others and how to regulate themselves. We progress their knowledge in all of our academic and co-curricular subject areas to an impressive level, but of equal importance, we help them to identify and build upon intrinsic human skills and their unique make up of individual strengths and talents. We do not just teach the children, we inspire them to teach and challenge themselves and each other.

Personal development is just as important as academic progress and attainment at Swanbourne. We open the children’s eyes to a world of opportunity in Sport, Drama, Art, Music, Design & Engineering and ‘real life’ creative, skills-based projects, as well as many varied outdoor challenges and pursuits. We ensure the children understand the relevance and purpose of what they are doing and what they are striving to develop and achieve.

Enabling children to see a bright future for themselves, wherever their passions and strengths lie, imparts a long-lasting sense of self-worth and value. We want to help children to accept themselves and their human imperfections and feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Understanding and promoting the whole child is our priority as we prepare to send each one off to their carefully chosen senior school with the energy, enthusiasm and resilience to cope with failure and to enjoy success.

Looking ahead, beyond education, they need to be well on their way to being prepared for a fast-paced, unpredictable, globalised world of working, offering skills that cannot be readily replicated by continually advancing technology.

Take one bright mind, add Swanbourne’s very unique blend of carefully balanced ingredients, and unlock individual greatness. This is Swanbourne House.

Jane Thorpe, MA (Cantab)



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