Co-curricular activities encourage pupils to enrich their lives by exploring interests outside their normal curriculum. With superb facilities, extensive grounds and specialist staff to call upon, we are able to introduce the children to an exciting range of practical, physical, creative and adventurous activities and clubs.

We want children to express themselves in a number of ways and find their strengths and passions. Our comprehensive and progressive co-curricular programme encourages pupils to try something new and discover their talents. Our activities are developed with progress and growth in mind, to allow continuity and transition of skills and participation as children move through the school with clubs such as Rugby Tots, Art, Coding, Running, Little Glee, Yoga and Bushcraft available from Pre-Reception upwards.

Our clubs and activities run throughout the school day and as after-school clubs (both on and off-site). Pupils develop a sense of responsibility, learning how to time manage their day and balance curricular and co-curricular commitments. Children discover that acquisition of skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and leadership can be applied to classroom learning and their everyday life and often return to class from an activity with a renewed sense of vigour and confidence.





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