Our Outdoor Education Programme aims to awaken a curiosity and connection between children and the great outdoors. The opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth are limitless as the children learn about themselves, each other and their environment. The positive memories and lasting benefits impact academic achievement and enhance personal attributes including confidence, resilience and teamwork.

Outdoor learning happens whenever a child is experiencing the natural world and gaining knowledge, skills, understanding or appreciation. Climbing to the top of a high ridge in the Peak District, unearthing bugs in Ecology Club, feeling the force of water whilst kayaking on the River Wye, lighting a fire, solving mathematical equations in the Outdoor Learning Classroom and building dens in our woods are all valuable outdoor learning experiences at Swanbourne.

“As early as Pre-Reception, we offer progressive levels of challenge that combine discovery, experimentation, independence, social and emotional awareness and understanding risk. At Swanbourne, pupils are given the broadest of opportunities to engage with the world around them through overseas travel, adventure activities and trips, outdoor sports, co-curricular clubs and enrichment activities.”                                 

Mr A Kirk, Head of Outdoor Learning and Enrichment

Our programme provides endless opportunities for experience and education and when the curriculum is taken outside can improve attainment, increase engagement, and develop a wide range of transferable skills including problem solving, communication, risk taking and resilience.

‘Community’ is a core vale in our ethos, which is furthered through the enjoyment and shared experiences of our Outdoor Learning Programme. Children begin to develop their social conscience and emotional intelligence, becoming increasingly mindful of wellbeing and mental health as they build positive associations and relationships around the school.







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