Staying Safe Online

With the Covid-19 crisis leading to children are spending more time online, we’ll be producing a regular blog on tips for staying safe online.

In this first blog, we’ll be looking at Netflix and Houseparty and sharing a film from teachers at Swanbourne with some important tips and advice on staying safe .


Netflix is available on most devices and its huge popularity shows a shift in the way everyone – including children – access and watch films and television programmes.  Take a look at National Online Safety’s What parents need to know about Netflix guide, which features safety tip for parents and carers.


Houseparty has become a hugely popular tool for connecting people remotely. In the last two weeks of March, downloads increased by almost 1300% in the UK alone. Users can live video chat with up to 8 people while playing games with friends and family in a ‘room’.  You can download the National Online Safety’ HouseParty Safety Card here, but below are some tips:

  1. Encourage young people to only chat with people they know in real life and to use private mode (this locks all rooms they are in).
  2. Make sure young people ‘lock their room’ to prevent uninvited guests from joining.
  3. Try using Houseparty together to get an idea of how it works – you might even enjoy it.
  4. Encourage kindness and respect online – to help create a safer internet for everyone.
  5. Make sure young people understand the risks of image sharing and screenshots online.

Find out more on the Nation Online Safety website

Finally in this Blog, some of the teachers at Swanbourne House have recorded special messages with tips on how to stay safe online

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