Refugee Week 2020

Today the 9s, 10s and 11s have been working on poems inspired by Refugee Week 2020.

The theme of this year’s Refugee Week is Imagine, and the pupils explored this theme with their poems.

We’ll be sharing more poems and readings throughout the week.

#SimpleActs #Imagine #RefugeeWeek2020


Imagine a world where you can’t go home,

A world where you don’t have a home.

Imagine a world where you left your bedroom

Imagine a world where you left your pets behind.

And never could see them again.

No home

Image a world where you can’t learn

A world where you’re banned from school

Imagine a world where you don’t have friends

No game no playground no fun

No friends

Imagine a world where you lose family

A world where you have no grandparent

Imagine a world with no holidays

No celebrations , no parties                       

Imagine a world where you can’t get work

A world where you can’t earn money

No escape from poverty

Sometimes turned to slaves

No hope

Imagine a world where there was no conflict,

Nobody would have heard the word war, nothing would be rigged,

There would be no anger, no frustration, no rage,

Peace and good behaviour is what we say on stage,

Take the desert for example; it was full of plants and trees

We cut it all down until we had grazed knees,

The animals fled, with nowhere to sleep,

And nobody thought to just weep and weep.

Imagine If…

Each of us smiled at each other to go that extra mile

We could all work and try till are brain turns to lead so we can go home to see our family!

We could all be judged fairly not on appearance but on our heart

We could have peace across the world no stealing no lying just happiness all around


Imagine a world where there were millions of refuges.

Imagine if the refuges were all treated horribly.

If they were wiped so hard that they wished they had not fled there country that they were native to.

But then think about what it would be like if there were lots of refugees but they were all treated well.

Imagine a world where there was violence.

Imagine being trapped in a box and you were not able to get out.

Imagine booms crashing to the ground nearby.

Imagine Terror fighting hope.

If it were not imagined it would not be seen.

But if it were imagined it would stop.

Imagine a world where it was fair.

But it is not.

We are facing the diction between hate and love.


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