Safer Internet Day 2020

This year the Digital Leaders hosted our annual Safer Internet Day 2020 event. The theme this year was #FreeToBeMe.

The Digital Leaders programme empowers young people to educate their peers about online safety and this year our Digital Leaders rose to the challenge of hosting the Swanbourne House Safer Internet Day. They ran lots of online activities that were set up on iPads to test children’s knowledge and understanding of how to stay safe online as well as an interactive talk in Assembly on Monday, you can view the presentation here: Safer Internet Day 2020


  • E-Safety Online quizzes
  • Exploring your Digital Footprint 
  • Guess the App

The Whole School Kahoot was a highlight of the day, with everyone throwing themselves into the quiz  and contributing some fantastic answers and suggestions.

“The whole event was fantastic, I really learnt lots!”  Luca, 10s

What was learnt? 

  • Remember to always ask permission to post things about your friends
  • I will be more careful what I share about myself online
  • Never share your personal information online as this could affect your online identity
  • Protect you online identity through creative means

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