Senior Choir Jersey Tour!


A huge thank you and an enormous well done to our Senior Choir who travelled to Jersey last weekend for the first Swanbourne overseas music tour in five years. After really stepping up in the Pre-Tour Concert on Tuesday 25th April, the group really did excel even further in Jersey from a musical point of view, achieving heights that I don’t think I have witnessed for a very long time, if ever, at Swanbourne House. They should feel enormously proud of themselves. Please do take a look at the photos and videos on the Performing Arts Instagram account story highlights and posts (@performingarts_swanbourne). My sincere thanks to each and every one of the pupils who worked so hard and gave so much to make the tour a massive success, as well as Miss Walters, Mr Kirk and Miss Tyson who gave up their exeat weekends and lent their musical and practical support which allowed the trip to take place. Miss Walters has skilfully put together the following light-hearted poetic account of the trip:

There once was a tour for our choir
Where, as the plane rose higher and higher
The pilot said with a frown
We may never get down
Because the weather in Jersey is dire. 
 But into Chateau Vermont we came swinging
Day One required no singing
But on our foraging walks
We learned to eat stalks
Nettles weren’t nice – most were sent flinging.
At the beautiful castle Mont Orgueil
Concert one brought the choir great glory
The exploring was fun
Though the sun never shone
And we learned all about Jersey’s story.

On our beach trip we flew through the ocean
In RIB boats no less – what a notion!
Beach football was played
And memories were made
And ‘paddling’ caused quite some commotion.

The sun shone bright the next day
We enjoyed more time on the beach to play
At the Jersey Boat Show
We let ourselves go
On Waffles, donuts, sweets, shakes and sorbet
Concert two took place in the park
Where we certainly left our mark
Among the birds and the trees
And the evening breeze
The children’s voices rose up like a lark.
Our final day brought a trip to the zoo
We saw bears, giant turtles and butterflies too
Birds, lemurs, flamingos
Sloths with two toes
And monkeys who caused a to-do.
The choir sang there for the very last time
Tunes and harmonies still sounding sublime
To the gift shop we went
For that final present
Then onto the coach we did climb
Jersey 2023 will live long in the mind
A better group would be hard to find
They played, sang and laughed
And it isn’t too daft
To say they’re a talented bunch all combined.





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