Children in the Lower School (Pre-Reception – Year 4) have a happy, secure and safe environment in which they are nurtured. We deliver a motivating and meaningful curriculum, which inspires a love of learning. The children flourish academically and have an excellent rapport with their form teachers, who pay close attention to individual needs.

Lower School pupils are principally taught in form groups with each form tutor teaching English and Maths. The foundation skills are taught with reading and phonics being prioritised. Maths is taught using a mastery approach, which has as its core belief that all children will be confident, articulate mathematicians.

Subjects including Science, Humanities, Art and Design & Technology are delivered through relevant and creative cross-curricular topics. The children also benefit from specialist tuition in French, Computing, Music and PE. Access to subject specialist teachers increases as they progress through the Lower School.

In all areas of the school, but particularly in the Lower School, we embrace a growth mind set, where children know that practice makes perfect and that if they apply themselves and persevere they will achieve great things. This ethos is not only seen academically but also through the children’s approach to an inspirational programme of co-curricular activities.

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